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Propane Gas Transmitter MA-2-3480 GasAlarm


MA-2-3480 series Propane Gas Sensor / Transmitter for the continuous monitoring of Propane lower explosive limits (%LEL) in the air, 4 – 20mA analog signal output and can be used for boiler plant room applications. Used in wide variety of industries where the full features of the ADT series is not required.


  • 4-20 mA analog signal output
  • Modular design (Plug-in)
  • Simple maintenance
  • IP 65 protected
  • Long life sensor
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Optional Extras (available upon request, please call our Sydney head office to discuss further):
    • 2-10 V analog signal output
    • 24VAC input voltage

Built for a standard output of 4-20 mA / 2-10V analog signal output, this transmitter is compatible with the PolyGard series controllers the MGC as well as any other electronic control or automation system.