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Gasoline Detector Tubes


Detection and  Quick orientative check of ambient atmosphere for hazardous concentrations of vapors of several aliphatic hydrocarbons through Gasoline Detector Tubes .

Our Gasoline Detector Tubes are best in quality and huge demanding tubes in the industries for the regular detection in various field  .

Basic features of Gasoline Detector Tubes, the action detector tube has two marks conforming the following concentrations:

Measuring Range:

  • Mark 1: 100 ppm n-hexane at n=2 (2 strokes).
  • Mark 2: 1,000 ppm n-hexane at n=2 (2 strokes).
  • Chemical Reaction and color change :  Orange to Green/Brown Black   (Oxidation of aliphatic hydrocarbons by a chromate/sulfuric acid reagent.)
  • Operating Temperature : 0 °C- 40 °C .
  • Detector tubes are easy to use  and best technology  in low cost investment .

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For the technical datasheet please click –  Datasheet