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Ethylene Gas Detector Tubes


Detection and  Quick orientative check of ambient atmosphere for hazardous concentrations of vapors Detection of Ethylene (C2H4) Gas in air or technical gases  through Ethylene Gas Detector Tubes .

Our Ethylene Gas Detector  are best in quality and huge demanding tubes in the industries for the regular detection in various field  .

Basic features of Ethylene Gas Detector Tubes, detector tube has following concentrations:

Measuring Range:

  • 50 ppm …1000 PPM Ethylene  Gas at n=5(5 strokes)
  • Chemical Reaction and color change : Orange to Green/Brawn   .
  • Operating Temperature : 0 °C- 40 °C .
  • Detector tubes are easy to use  and best technology  in low cost investment .

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For the technical datasheet please click –  Datasheet