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Ammonia Gas Detector Tubes


Detection of Ammonia Gas in the air, vapor and  technical laboratory through the Ammonia Gas Detector Tubes .

Our  Ammonia  Detector Tubes  are best in quality and huge demanding tubes in the industries for the regular detection in various field  .

Basic features of Ammonia Gas Detector Tubes are as follows :

  • Measuring range  :- 20ppm  ….1400 PPM   n=1 (1 strokes)
  • Chemical Reaction and color change :  Yellow to Blue. (Change of PH value causes color change of acid-base indicator  indicator)
  • Operating Temperature : 0 °C- 30 °C  .
  • Detector tubes are easy to use  and best technology  in low cost investment .

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For the technical datasheet please click –  Datasheet