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Methyl Bromide Gas Detector Tubes


Detection of Methyl Bromide (Bromomethane – CH3Br)  gas in the air or other technical (Vapor) gases through the Methyl Bromide Gas Detector Tubes.


Our Methyl Bromide gas Detector tubes are best in quality and highest demanding tubes in the industries for the regular detection of gases.


  • Detection of Methyl Bromide (CH3Br) in air or in technical laboratory  gases or vapors .
  • Measuring range : 10 …. 100 ppm Methyl Bromide  (for n = 1, 1 Stroke)
  • Measuring Range : 2… 10 ppm Methyl bromide  (for n= 6 , 6 stroke )
  • Chemical Reaction and color change : Oxidation Reaction – Color change from White to Yellow .
  • Operating Temperature : 0 °C- 50 °C  .
  • Methyl Bromide Gas Detector Tubes are easy to use in low cost investment .


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For the technical datasheet please click – Datasheet