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IECEx Certified Flame Detector


A flame detector is designed to detect and respond to the presence of flame or fire. Flame detectors are used wherever highly combustible materials are involved and there is a need for instantaneous response to flame in applications such as:

  • Fuel storage/transport/loading terminals
  • Refineries
  • Offshore drilling and production platforms
  • Munition production facility


Our flame detector RFD – 3000X can respond more accurately than a conventional smoke detector by quickly detecting the flames at a distance. A relay output along with 4-20mA analog and RS 485 output – it can provide an alarm, deactivate a fuel line or can activate a fire suppression system.


The RFD-3000X now offers a high level of protection for a range of hazardous applications with its certified IECEx approval. With an enclosure protection of IP67, the RFD-3000X offers a detection range of 200ft (60m).