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MC2 GA-STL06-E-MC2 handtool

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MC2 GA-STL06-E-MC2 handtool

μGard®2 (developed by MSR) is the new exchangeable sensor unit which is capable of digital value processing, temperature compensation and self control for the continuous monitoring of the ambient air to detect a variety of gases.

The MC2 GA-STL06-E-MC2 is a handtool for the μGard®2 sensor range, which is primarily a 3 wire 4-20 mA/2-10 VDC sensor. The MC2 handtool comes with an inbuild LCD which allows the user to view readings from the sensor, operating data, servicing info (when it was last serviced) and allows you to calibrate the sensor unit.

MC2 Handtool also means you only need 1 tool to calibrate and commission an MC2 product.