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Indoor Air Quality

CO2 controller for schools

Our unique CO2 controller for schools uses a MSR CO2 sensor for indoor air quality, a MSR controller & a temperature sensors. Using these we have developed a low cost packaged solution to the current government schools upgrade program.   We will provide the controller with a dedicated temperature sensor which can override the CO2 […]

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Did you know that poor indoor air quality leads to long term health issues? Poor quality indoor air contributes to eye-nose-throat irritation, headache, nausea, dizziness and in some cases poor indoor air quality leads to acute illness. Monitoring the quality of indoor air ensures healthy environment inside the building.   Our VOC detector is designed […]

Measuring CO2 at work place

Carbon Dioxide is produced by human respiration. Elevated levels of CO2 may serve as an indication of insufficient intake of fresh air in a workplace. The inlet of fresh air brought into workplace is controlled by its ventilation system and measuring CO2 provides a feedback input for the ventilation system.   The risks associated with […]