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Gas Detection Tubes

Colorimetric Gas Detection Tubes

An opportunity to discover Occupational Hygiene Products including Colorimetric Gas Detection Tubes and many more….   The 36th annual conference and exhibition of the Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists (AIOH) will be held in Melbourne from 1-5 December, 2018 at the Crown Conference Centre, Southbank.. The trade exhibition is the major component of AIOH conference […]

Gas Detection Tubes for Ammonia

The widespread use of Ammonia necessitates the use of gas detection tubes. Exposure to high levels of Ammonia can be dangerous. It is widely used in fertilizer and pharmaceutical industries. Ammonia is also widely used as refrigerant. All such facilities are at risk of accidental ammonia leak. Hence continuous monitoring of such facilities for ammonia […]

KwikDraw Tubes & Pumps (Compatible to Draeger Tubes & Pumps) serves the widespread gas detection market needs!

Four years after Uniphos Envirotronic Pvt. acquired MSA’s (AUER) gas detection tube business, it continues to grow worldwide. The transition that began in January of 2014 is now complete, and inventory for the KwikDraw Uniphos tubes & pumps (compatible to Draeger Tubes & Pumps) is available from our Seven Hills, Sydney, NSW office.   How […]

KwikDraw Gas Detector Tubes(Formerly MSA Gas Detector Tubes)

KwikDraw Gas Detector Tubes(Formerly MSA Gas Detector Tubes) are known for its versatility to measure hundreds of gases and vapours in the workplace.   Oil & Gas, Refineries, Chemical plants, Manufacturing plants, Mining sites, Hazardous material clean up sites, firefighting operations – These are few operational sites where various toxic gases and vapours pose a […]

Gas Detector Tubes for Confined Space Entry

The news/incident as below emphasizes the need for Gas Detector Tubes for Confined Space Entry:   “A farm maintenance worker died after entering an 8,000- gallon polyethylene storage tank that was not marked to indicate a potential uncontrolled hazardous atmosphere” – This news was published by OSHA at FATAL FACTS.  The likely cause of this […]

Compressed Air Quality Testing

Compressed Air Quality Testing is of vital importance. Let’s take a look why?   Compressed air has many applications; including its use for breathing air. Fire fighters, SCUBA divers, Pharmaceutical manufacturers, Confined space entry are few application examples where compressed breathing air is used with SCABA/Airline respirators. The last thing you would want to worry […]

Be Industry Safe with the use of Gas Detector Tube

For few it may be an old technology; however most of the industries still rely on Gas Detector Tube for measuring dangerous and toxic gases. Measuring with Gas Detection Tubes is still considered a reliable method as this method is fast and accurate. It is not independent of any laboratory testing, calibration and power. Overall, […]