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Colorimetric Gas Detection Tubes

An opportunity to discover Occupational Hygiene Products including Colorimetric Gas Detection Tubes and many more….   The 36th annual conference and exhibition of the Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists (AIOH) will be held in Melbourne from 1-5 December, 2018 at the Crown Conference Centre, Southbank.. The trade exhibition is the major component of AIOH conference […]

Confined Space Gas Detection

Confined Space Gas Detection ensures a safe entry to worksite. Confined work space is a part of almost every process industry – be it a chemical plant, paper mill, refinery or underground mine. In the confined work spaces, the air may be contaminated with toxic or combustible gases or it may contain Oxygen deficiency. Confined […]

Hazmat Kits for Fire & Rescue Application

Hazmat Kits for Fire & Rescue Application   Hazmat kits – also known as the first/fast responder kits, is used when responding to an incident involving unknown contaminants in the air at a hazardous incident or industrial setting. It provides a variety of gas detection tubes to classify unknown chemical gases utilizing a systematic sampling […]

Analog Relay Board – Newsletter

Gas Alarm Systems announces the release of a new product – Analog Relay Board. Our October edition newsletter details out the features, benefits and applications of this product. If you didn’t receive our current month’s edition, please click on the link below to download our complete newsletter: October Edition Newsletter   We are excited to […]

New Analog Relay Board

Gas Alarm System proudly announces the release of Analog Relay Board – ARB2. It is a quite useful tool for any of your process applications.   The Analog Relay Board ARB2 is designed for the connection of one 4-20 mA analog sensor. The board monitors the measured value and activates the alarm relays if the […]

Phosphine Fumigation Monitoring

“The Australian Grain Industry Code of Practice”  identifies the risks associated with grain storage. Hygiene, aeration and correct fumigation are main three factors that need consideration for effective quality grain storage. Phosphine is popular and is widely used as fumigant. Monitoring phosphine fumigation not only ensures effective fumigation, but also helps in identifying any leaks. […]

Gas Detection Tubes for Ammonia

The widespread use of Ammonia necessitates the use of gas detection tubes. Exposure to high levels of Ammonia can be dangerous. It is widely used in fertilizer and pharmaceutical industries. Ammonia is also widely used as refrigerant. All such facilities are at risk of accidental ammonia leak. Hence continuous monitoring of such facilities for ammonia […]

KwikDraw Tubes & Pumps (Compatible to Draeger Tubes & Pumps) serves the widespread gas detection market needs!

Four years after Uniphos Envirotronic Pvt. acquired MSA’s (AUER) gas detection tube business, it continues to grow worldwide. The transition that began in January of 2014 is now complete, and inventory for the KwikDraw Uniphos tubes & pumps (compatible to Draeger Tubes & Pumps) is available from our Seven Hills, Sydney, NSW office.   How […]