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Phosphine Fumigation Monitor

Phosphine fumigation monitor plays a vital role in fumigation process. Phosphine is a safe and effective method of controlling pests in a stored grain ONLY when used correctly. Phosphine otherwise can be dangerous. It poses a serious health and safety risk if phosphine reaches a dangerous level.Every workplace where phosphine is used for fumigation must […]

Chlorine Gas Detection

Chlorine gas is used in many industrial applications including water disinfection for treating sewage and in swimming pools, bleaching of pulp in paper mills, in food & beverage industry for disinfecting utensils and is used in manufacturing many products like rubber and pharmaceuticals. As a disinfectant, chlorine gas is very effective , economical and easy […]

Monitoring VOC for Energy Efficient Ventilation System

VOCs (Volatile Organic Compound)  include a variety of chemicals and are emitted from paints, cleaning supplies, pesticides, building material, furniture and office equipments. Some of them may have short or long term adverse health effects. Indoor exposures to such VOCs in residences and offices are of particular concern as people spend their majority of time […]

Ammonia Gas Detector Tubes for Livestock Farming

Livestock farmers will often encounter a toxic concentration of Ammonia gas, as livestock production is a major contributor of ammonia emission. Ammonia is being released by the excrement of living animals, like cattle, pigs, horses, poultry and other.   Ammonia gas- described as an irritant; is lighter than air and can predispose livestock to various […]

Monitoring Benzene, Saving Lives!

Benzene is a major industrial component that is widely used to manufacture products ranging from plastics, pesticides and pharmaceuticals. Major industries where Benzene is used include: Petroleum (Oil Refineries) Coke and Coal manufacturing Rubber tire manufacturing Storage Tank Farms Transportation service (Ships, tanker trucks, etc.) Laboratories Chemical manufacturing   Such industries emit Benzene that leads […]

Industrial Gas Detection for Safe Protection in Extreme Conditions

Most of the manufacturing industries  in the world, be it food & beverage production, mining or automotive, pharma industry, Oil & Gas, Refineries and Petroleum  industries  use processes that can produce dangerous levels of poisonous gases. Some gases are  easily recognized by  their pungent smell, but some are odourless and tasteless, making them particularly difficult […]

Sulphur Dioxide Gas Detectors

To keep your workplace and workers safe, GasAlarm provides Sulphur Dioxide Gas Detectors to monitor Sulphur Dioxide and to keep up to the regulation standard.   Sulphur Dioxide is  used and present in many industrial activities such as pulp & paper mills, thermal power stations, waste water treatment, Coal, Wine industries and many more.   […]

Detector Tubes in National Security

Detector Tubes offer a quick, reliable and a cost-effective means of detecting hazardous and toxic chemical agents helping professionals to quickly respond to terror attacks.   Terrorist use of toxic and hazardous chemical agents has been an alarming noted concern. Capable of mass destruction , such high-threat chemical agents fall into four major classes: nerve, […]

Our upcoming IICA Exhibition

Our next IICA exhibition is held at Sydney on the 26th of October, 2016. The IICA creates the opportunity for you to network with like-minded people and enhance your knowledge. This is a free event, so please do come and visit us.   Details of the exhibition are as below: Date: Wednesday, 26 October, 2016 […]

Carbon Monoxide Detector

A Carbon Monoxide Detector  is a device that detects the presence of carbon monoxide gas in order to prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning.   Carbon Monoxide is caused by fuels not burning completely. It can build up in areas with limited ventilation and enclosed spaces such as underground garages, tunnels, engine repair shops, loading bays, shelters, Go-Kart […]