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KwikDraw Tubes & Pumps (Compatible to Draeger Tubes & Pumps) serves the widespread gas detection market needs!

Four years after Uniphos Envirotronic Pvt. acquired MSA’s (AUER) gas detection tube business, it continues to grow worldwide. The transition that began in January of 2014 is now complete, and inventory for the KwikDraw Uniphos tubes & pumps (compatible to Draeger Tubes & Pumps) is available from our Seven Hills, Sydney, NSW office.   How […]

SIL 2 Rated Gas Sensors with IECEx Certification – Newsletter

At GasAlarm Systems, we provide innovative SIL 2 Rated Gas Sensors with IECEx Certification – PolyXeta II to suit almost every industrial application where extreme environmental conditions prevail.   Our April Edition Newsletter exclusively highlights our SIL 2 rated Gas Sensors with IECEx Certification. The newsletter also has the information on our upcoming oil & gas […]

Ethylene Gas Detection in Fruit Ripening Rooms

Ethylene Gas Detection plays a major role in Fruit Ripening rooms.   Fruits are transported over a long distances within a country and sometimes are exported too. Fruits are transported before they are ripe so that they are in a good quality by the time they reach the distribution centres. Upon arrival at the distribution […]

Gas Detection System

In association with MSR Electronic, Germany, Gas Alarm systems brings you the complete Gas Detection System that offers German technology backed by Australian expertise. We provide gas sensors with ATEX, SIL2, IECEx, UL and many more certifications!   The products offered by Gas Alarm Systems continuously and reliably detects all kind of toxic, combustible, and […]

Lithium Ion Battery Fires – Hydrogen Fluoride Detector

Gas Safety Risks: Lithium- Ion Battery Fires – HF (Hydrogen Fluoride Detector & Monitoring Systems) Li-Ion batteries are now widely  used in mobile phones, electric vehicles, laptops including MW range of Renewable Energy Storage plants, aircrafts, submarines, mine-shafts and spacecrafts. Gas Safety risks  in Li-Ion battery charging rooms: Li-Ion batteries when overcharged or short circuited are overheated and catch fires Li-Ion […]

KwikDraw Gas Detector Tubes(Formerly MSA Gas Detector Tubes)

KwikDraw Gas Detector Tubes(Formerly MSA Gas Detector Tubes) are known for its versatility to measure hundreds of gases and vapours in the workplace.   Oil & Gas, Refineries, Chemical plants, Manufacturing plants, Mining sites, Hazardous material clean up sites, firefighting operations – These are few operational sites where various toxic gases and vapours pose a […]

APPEA 2018 Conference and Exhibition – We are Exhibiting!

The APPEA 2018 conference and exhibition is the pre-eminent annual gathering of the leaders, explorers, producers, suppliers and educators who come to do business on the global stage of oil and gas.   The APPEA 2018 conference and exhibition will be held at Adelaide Convention and Exhibition Centre (ACC), Adelaide, from 15th till 17th May, 2018. […]

H2 (Hydrogen) Gas Leak Detector

H2 (Hydrogen) Gas Leak Detector Many times, reason of Fire is electrical short circuits in Battery Rooms.  Battery Rooms with Lead Acid Batteries are more prone to this due to presence of Hydrogen gas which is highly flammable.  Most of the consultants or expertise  recommend H2 (Hydrogen) Gas Leak Detectors in Battery Rooms to stop […]

Gas Detector Tubes for Confined Space Entry

The news/incident as below emphasizes the need for Gas Detector Tubes for Confined Space Entry:   “A farm maintenance worker died after entering an 8,000- gallon polyethylene storage tank that was not marked to indicate a potential uncontrolled hazardous atmosphere” – This news was published by OSHA at FATAL FACTS.  The likely cause of this […]