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Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Did you know that poor indoor air quality leads to long term health issues? Poor quality indoor air contributes to eye-nose-throat irritation, headache, nausea, dizziness and in some cases poor indoor air quality leads to acute illness. Monitoring the quality of indoor air ensures healthy environment inside the building.   Our VOC detector is designed […]

Oxygen Analyser

Our Portable Oxygen Analyser is an ideal instrument for checking modified atmosphere in food packages of any shape and size.  The Headspace Oxygen Analyzer is a battery-operated, portable analyzer used for the measurement of residual oxygen in gas-flushed (CAP/MAP) food packages.   Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) helps in preserving the food products in an atmosphere […]

Triple IR Flame Detector with IECEx Certification

Our Rezontech Flame detector is a highly advanced sensor/transmitter that offers triple IR band technology and is suitable for the harshest environment.   The presence of toxic and combustible gases is inevitable in any industrial processes. The accidental leak of such gases may result in fire or explosion. Our RFD-3000X is designed to sense the […]

Phosphine Fumigation Monitoring

“The Australian Grain Industry Code of Practice”  identifies the risks associated with grain storage. Hygiene, aeration and correct fumigation are main three factors that need consideration for effective quality grain storage. Phosphine is popular and is widely used as fumigant. Monitoring phosphine fumigation not only ensures effective fumigation, but also helps in identifying any leaks. […]

Gas Detection Tubes for Ammonia

The widespread use of Ammonia necessitates the use of gas detection tubes. Exposure to high levels of Ammonia can be dangerous. It is widely used in fertilizer and pharmaceutical industries. Ammonia is also widely used as refrigerant. All such facilities are at risk of accidental ammonia leak. Hence continuous monitoring of such facilities for ammonia […]

Sulfuryl Fluoride Fumigation Monitoring

With great pride we announce that our Sulfuryl Fluoride Fumigation Monitoring device is now approved by Douglas products!   What does that mean??   After conducting the complete performance test it was concluded our Sulfuryl Fluoride fumigation monitoring equipment “Fumispec – Lo” demonstrated sufficient sensitivity to detect Vikane and ProFume at low concentrations and met […]