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Phosphine Fumigation Monitoring

“The Australian Grain Industry Code of Practice”  identifies the risks associated with grain storage. Hygiene, aeration and correct fumigation are main three factors that need consideration for effective quality grain storage. Phosphine is popular and is widely used as fumigant. Monitoring phosphine fumigation not only ensures effective fumigation, but also helps in identifying any leaks. […]

Gas Detection Tubes for Ammonia

The widespread use of Ammonia necessitates the use of gas detection tubes. Exposure to high levels of Ammonia can be dangerous. It is widely used in fertilizer and pharmaceutical industries. Ammonia is also widely used as refrigerant. All such facilities are at risk of accidental ammonia leak. Hence continuous monitoring of such facilities for ammonia […]

Sulfuryl Fluoride Fumigation Monitoring

With great pride we announce that our Sulfuryl Fluoride Fumigation Monitoring device is now approved by Douglas products!   What does that mean??   After conducting the complete performance test it was concluded our Sulfuryl Fluoride fumigation monitoring equipment “Fumispec – Lo” demonstrated sufficient sensitivity to detect Vikane and ProFume at low concentrations and met […]

KwikDraw Tubes & Pumps (Compatible to Draeger Tubes & Pumps) serves the widespread gas detection market needs!

Four years after Uniphos Envirotronic Pvt. acquired MSA’s (AUER) gas detection tube business, it continues to grow worldwide. The transition that began in January of 2014 is now complete, and inventory for the KwikDraw Uniphos tubes & pumps (compatible to Draeger Tubes & Pumps) is available from our Seven Hills, Sydney, NSW office.   How […]

SIL 2 Rated Gas Sensors with IECEx Certification – Newsletter

At GasAlarm Systems, we provide innovative SIL 2 Rated Gas Sensors with IECEx Certification – PolyXeta II to suit almost every industrial application where extreme environmental conditions prevail.   Our April Edition Newsletter exclusively highlights our SIL 2 rated Gas Sensors with IECEx Certification. The newsletter also has the information on our upcoming oil & gas […]

Ethylene Gas Detection in Fruit Ripening Rooms

Ethylene Gas Detection plays a major role in Fruit Ripening rooms.   Fruits are transported over a long distances within a country and sometimes are exported too. Fruits are transported before they are ripe so that they are in a good quality by the time they reach the distribution centres. Upon arrival at the distribution […]

Gas Detection System

In association with MSR Electronic, Germany, Gas Alarm systems brings you the complete Gas Detection System that offers German technology backed by Australian expertise. We provide gas sensors with ATEX, SIL2, IECEx, UL and many more certifications!   The products offered by Gas Alarm Systems continuously and reliably detects all kind of toxic, combustible, and […]