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Methyl Bromide Fumigation Gas Monitor for 4 different locations

Methyl Bromide Fumigation Gas Monitor is commonly used in agricultural commodities, grain elevators, mills, etc. where Methyl Bromide is used as a fumigant.   As a process control measure it is necessary to monitor the Methyl Bromide fumigant concentrations throughout the period of fumigation. If you are not Monitoring, you are NOT fumigating. Defective fumigation […]

MSR Gas Sensor Calibration

When was the last time your MSR Gas Sensor Calibration was carried out? If the calibration schedule as per our guidelines has been missed, please contact us immediately to schedule the service for calibration.   Periodic gas calibration is a must for any facility dealing with gas measurements and when dealing with extremely toxic and […]

Phosphine Gas Monitor – UNIPHOS 350M

Phosphine is widely used as a fumigant in grain storage. Phosphine is a highly toxic gas and to help fumigators prevent injuries from phosphine use, Uniphos proudly presents Phosphine Gas Monitor- 350M. It monitors the TLV level of phosphine around the fumigated area and also detects leaks from the fumigation chamber.   The threshold value for […]

Uniphos Air Sampling Pump

We have just released the special edition of our Newsletter this month. It highlights the limited time Promotional offer we have just launched for our Uniphos Air Sampling Pump. The Promotional campaign is named as “Uniphos Hand Pump Exchange Program” – where in you can receive your Free Hand Pump Kit!   The Uniphos Air […]

Our Upcoming Exhibition

Our next upcoming exhibition is at IICA Technology Expo held at Brisbane in Queensland. It is an open forum for members to build their network & knowledge, to enhance their professional careers and make some lifelong friendships. Entry is free, so please do not miss this opportunity to meet all the industrial experts under one roof.   Details for […]

Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Detection

Hydrogen Sulfide is the most commonly encountered as an environmental contaminant. It occurs naturally in crude petroleum, natural gas, marine sediments and in some minerals. It is also a byproduct of many industrial operations such as petroleum, refineries, natural gas plants, food processing plants, etc. Hydrogen Sulfide can affect the body if it is inhaled or […]

Spontaneous Combustion Of Coal

Each year, millions of dollars worth of coal stockpiles and assets are destroyed worldwide in fires due to spontaneous combustion of coal and conveyor belt fires (frictional heat) in coal mines, coal stock piles, coal stock yards, coal loading terminals, shipping yards and coal-based power plants.   Smoke and/or flame detection is not a solution, […]

Fumigants & Pheromones Conference and Workshop

The 12th Fumigants & Pheromones Conference and Workshop is held in Adelaide this year. This conference aims to bring together people from around the world to share practical information on how to protect stored products. What sets this conference about from others is that it features practical and proven hands-on topics from around the world, expert speakers, and the exchange of knowledge […]