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Gas Detectors for Butane

Gas Alarm Systems in association with MSR Germany, proudly presents Gas Detectors for Butane, C4H10.   Butane is a colorless, highly flammable gas that has been known to be used as an inhalant to cause dissociation and hallucinations. Dangerous administration can lead to death in severe circumstances.   At GasAlarm, we have a wide range of Gas […]

Carbon Monoxide Monitor SPC

In association with MSR, Germany, GasAlarm Systems introduces tested & trusted Carbon Monoxide monitor  SPC-03-1110 – A  CO Stand alone pollution continuous monitor to meet statutory compliance of EPA, pollution control board requirements.   Steel plants, Coke Oven plants, Coal Processing plants, Blast Furnace, all need CO carbon monoxide monitor to ensure CO pollution, emission requirements for […]

Butane Gas Sensor, Transmitter, Detector Analyzer

Gas Alarm System offers Butane sensor transmitter / detector/ analyser from MSR Electronic, Germany with following features: Measuring range: 0-100% LEL (lower explosive limit), 0-100% Vol (analysis) Technology: Pellistor / catalytic bead (flammability monitoring), Infra-red Output: 4-20mA, 0-10V, RS485 modbus, Lon, BacNET Enclosure: IP44, IP54, IP65 Certificate: UL 61010, UL 2075, ATEX EExd, ATEX EExn, CE […]

Gas Data Logger

Gas Data Logger Model: ADL for all toxic, flammable and oxygen concentration monitoring and recording Features: Available for toxic gases and vapours, as well as for oxygen Measuring cycle adjustable from 2 sec. to 5 hours Data storage for: 16,000 values Integrated Battery (Rechargeable), run-time: depends on Sensor type LCD display Operating parameters: Humidity: 15-90% […]

Monitoring Sulfuryl Fluoride in flour mill fumigation

Fumigation plays a key role in control and management of infestation. It’s a curative treatment which adds to the storage hygiene by keeping infestation free storage environment to comply with the regulatory requirement. It has proven to be versatile and a great reliance has been kept on it.   Sulfuryl fluoride is increasingly becoming a […]

Gas Detector Tubes – Uniphos

Gas Alarm Systems has partnered with Uniphos for Sales and Support of Gas Detector tubes. Uniphos is one of the largest manufacturers of toxic gas detection devices with a wide range of products, completely designed and developed through in-house R&D efforts.   A great number of different gases and vapors can be measured by the […]

Methyl Bromide Fumigation Gas Monitor for 4 different locations

Methyl Bromide Fumigation Gas Monitor is commonly used in agricultural commodities, grain elevators, mills, etc. where Methyl Bromide is used as a fumigant.   As a process control measure it is necessary to monitor the Methyl Bromide fumigant concentrations throughout the period of fumigation. If you are not Monitoring, you are NOT fumigating. Defective fumigation […]

MSR Gas Sensor Calibration

When was the last time your MSR Gas Sensor Calibration was carried out? If the calibration schedule as per our guidelines has been missed, please contact us immediately to schedule the service for calibration.   Periodic gas calibration is a must for any facility dealing with gas measurements and when dealing with extremely toxic and […]

Phosphine Gas Monitor – UNIPHOS 350M

Phosphine is widely used as a fumigant in grain storage. Phosphine is a highly toxic gas and to help fumigators prevent injuries from phosphine use, Uniphos proudly presents Phosphine Gas Monitor- 350M. It monitors the TLV level of phosphine around the fumigated area and also detects leaks from the fumigation chamber.   The threshold value for […]