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Monitoring Gas Concentrations in Laboratories

Our Door Entry Module DEM-06 is specially designed for monitoring gas concentrations in laboratories or any such closed rooms.   Several experiments are conducted in a university, research or medical laboratories. Depending upon the applications there are many different gases that are used in various laboratories and hence they are equipped with gas storage cylinders […]

Hazardous Area Flame Detector – Newsletter

For a wide range of industrial processes in hazardous area, flame detection with an IECEX approved device has become a necessity. Our October edition newsletter exclusively speaks about our new Hazardous area Flame Detector with IECEx approval.   With addition of Flame detection, Gas Alarm systems completes its product portfolio for all your  gas detection […]

Phosphine Fumigation Monitoring with Uniphos 350 M

Uniphos 350 M is a handheld phosphine fumigation monitoring unit which can detect 0-20 ppm pf PH3 with a minimum detection limit of 0.01 ppm. Here’s how it works:   Find out more about our Uniphos 350 M.  Any questions? –  Please e-mail us.

Phosphine Dosimeter Tubes

Phosphine dosimeter tubes measure the total dose of phosphine during the entire period of fumigation of goods.  Also known as long term detector tubes, with no need for sample draw pump, this a cost-effective method for measuring the phosphine concentration.   Phosphine is widely used as fumigants for disinfection of agricultural commodities such as cereal […]

Gas Detection for parking garages and tunnels

Vehicle exhausts presents an interesting challenge when selecting gas detection for parking garages and tunnels.   CO and NO2 are the most abundant airborne contaminants present in the parking garages and tunnels. The operation of gasoline operated vehicles presents the most serious concern of carbon monoxide emission. Carbon monoxide poisoning is a form of asphyxiation. […]

Very Early Fire Warning and Safety Alarm

Each year millions of dollars are wasted due to fire and explosions in industries such as coal mines, power plants, oil & gas, pharma, food and grain industries. This happens as the fire is detected too late. During an explosion the fire goes through various stages as: 1st stage : Gas radicals (host of gases […]

Fumigation Gas Monitors

Our Uniphos range of fumigation gas monitors are designed and developed taking into account the specific needs of the fumigators and their different applications. With a full range of detection devices for Phosphine, Methyl Bromide, Sulfuryl Fluoride and other fumigants, we are the one point source for fumigation monitoring devices.   Electronic fumigation gas monitors […]

Ammonia Gas Detection in Refrigeration

Ammonia Gas Detection in Refrigeration plants is used to identify the leakage and alerting the personnel to initiate corrective actions.   In an industry that is under increasing pressure to achieve high efficiency at minimum expenses, ammonia an ideal choice for use as a refrigerant for cold storage applications. Ammonia is available in abundance and […]

Touchscreen Gas Monitor

The overview of an entire building on a central display is always desired by a manager or supervisor to take timely strategic decisions. Gas Alarm System proudly presents our new touchscreen Gas Monitor – PolyGard 2 Control Box.   The Polygard 2 Control Box is a touch screen display for central visualization of gas concentrations outputs […]