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July 2019

SIL 2 rated gas sensors with IECEx Certification

Polyxeta 2 – SIL 2 rated gas sensors with IECEx Certification   Hazardous and toxic gases are prevalent in process industries such as Oil & Gas, Refinery, Chemical and Petrochemical industries. Depending upon the type of harmful gas that are potentially present at your work-site, different measures and precautions are used. For the protection of human […]

Cellar Alarm – Is Service Costing you too much?

We know that every cellar chamber is required by WHS to have CO2 alarms. Once installed, every cellar alarm needs service at regular intervals and ensure employee safety.   Various CO2 monitoring systems are available in the market. To make a wise choice apart from initial cost of the system, service and maintenance charge should […]

IR Flame Detector

Wherever toxic or combustible gases are a part of an industrial process, there is always a risk of an accidental gas leaks which may lead to a fire or an explosion. Gas Alarm System has already proven itself for mitigating such hazards by sensing the potential fire with Very Early Fire Warning Alarm and now […]