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May 2017

Gas Detection in Waste Water Treatment

Wastewater treatment plants are designed to treat all municipal waste. The process of water purification results in the by-product of harmful combustible and toxic gases. Toxic gases used on site can build up in confined spaces or working environments, depleting Oxygen and making those locations highly dangerous. To ensure the safety of both personnel working […]

Monitoring fumigation with “FUMISENSE PRO”

With a full range of detection devices for Phosphine, Methyl Bromide, Sulfuryl Fluoride and other fumigants, Uniphos is a one point source and a global leader for monitoring fumigation . GasAlarm Systems is proud to be associated with Uniphos for the sales and service of fumigation Instruments. This blog exclusively highlights “Fumisense Pro” for monitoring fumigants concentrations […]

Measuring CO2 at work place

Carbon Dioxide is produced by human respiration. Elevated levels of CO2 may serve as an indication of insufficient intake of fresh air in a workplace. The inlet of fresh air brought into workplace is controlled by its ventilation system and measuring CO2 provides a feedback input for the ventilation system.   The risks associated with […]

CO Monitoring

Each year, millions of dollars worth of coal stockpiles and assets are destroyed worldwide in fires due to spontaneous combustion of coal and conveyor belt fires (frictional heat) in coal mines, coal stock piles, coal stock yards, coal loading terminals, shipping yards and coal-based power plants. CO Monitoring provides early fire warning and provides safety […]

Managing Refrigerant

Industrial Plant or a food retail store – managing refrigerant is crucial for environmental, regulatory and financial perspective.   Refrigerants are expensive and any leak of these refrigerants is highly toxic and often very harmful to the environment. Managing refrigerant by installing Refrigerant Leak Detection System within and around the facilities protects life and property […]