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March 2017

Gas Detectors for Sulphur Dioxide

Sulphur Dioxide is produced in many industrial processes. Our Gas Detectors for Sulphur Dioxide can offer solution for gas detection in various industrial applications. Few applications are listed as below:   In thermal power stations or any industry where fossil energies (coal and fuel) is used. Since coal and petroleum often contain sulphur compounds, their […]

Phosphine Measurement in Fumigation

Grain and other foodstuffs in storage have always been susceptible to attacks by pests. Toxic gas fumigation provides an effective solution to the problems of foodstuff storage and transportation. Phosphine is one of the most widely used fumigants in the world. For an effective Phosphine fumigation, it is important that the concentration and flow of […]

Gas Detection Tubes for NO and NO2

Our Uniphos and Kwik-Draw Gas detection Tubes for NO and NO2 ensures the levels of nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide stays within acceptable limits.   Nitric oxide (NO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) are by-products of fuel combustion or are the remains whenever any fossil fuel is burnt. Most stationary emissions come from coal fired power […]

Refrigerant Leak Detection in Supermarkets

For any supermarket, food retailing and air conditioning is associated with refrigeration. Behind the refrigerator and display cases that keeps the food at a desired low temperature; is a huge network that has refrigerant piping, valves, joints, compressors, condensers and many other such components. The leak of refrigerant gas from such commercial refrigeration systems is […]

Monitoring CO2 in Breweries

CO2 is extremely hazardous as it is completely odourless and colourless and there is no physical indication of danger until it is usually too late.CO2 is a hazard throughout the brewing process, right through to packaging and bottling because as it is heavier than air, it collects at the bottom of containers and confined spaces such as tanks […]