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February 2017

IECEx and SIL 2 Approved Gas Detection

Process industries such as Oil & gas, Petrochemical, Refinery and Chemical industries need special precautions to handle different hazardous substances that are used in the process or present in the atmosphere. For the protection of personnel and plant constant monitoring of toxic and combustible gases and vapours is required. The gas detection sensors for monitoring […]

Gas Detection in HVAC Systems

Let’s analyse what is HVAC System and why is Gas Detection in HVAC Systems crucial?   The heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment, more commonly known as HVAC equipment provides a fresh & pure indoor air by conditioning it and removing pollutants from indoor air through proper ventilation and pressurization.   Good indoor environment conditions provide comfort […]

Smoke Tubes – Newsletter

Uniphos is an owner of its own detector tube technology and an established manufacturer and supplier of gas detection tubes in India and several other countries. With its acquisition of gas detection tube business from MSA Germany, Uniphos is now the ONLY supplier with gas detection tubes of 5mm as well as 7mm. Whether it’s […]

Gas Detector Tubes for Marine application

Depending on the type of Marine vessels and its cargo, there is always a risk of toxic and explosive gases present on such marine vessels. Be it a merchant ship, fishing boats, drill rigs, shipyards or cruise – the objective of the ship owner and operators remain the same – safety of the personnel and […]

Hydrogen Gas Detection in Power Plants

Let’s take a look in why is Hydrogen used and why is Hydrogen Gas Detection so critical in power plants?   Why is Hydrogen gas used in power plants?   The operation of electric power generator in power plants produces large amounts of heat. To maintain the efficiency, the generator needs to be cooled. Most […]