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January 2017

Refrigerant Leak Detection for Maximum Safety

At Gas Alarm, we provide reliable sensors, controllers and warning devices for refrigeration leak detection.   Our product line PolyGard®2 ensures reliable monitoring of leakages at all times and thus protects not only the health of persons but also the operation of the refrigeration systems. The simple Plug & Play sensor technology (X-Change) also allows […]

Toxic and Combustible Gas Detection in Laboratories

Various experiments are conducted in a university and research laboratories, using a wide variety of gases, which may be highly toxic or flammable. Such institutions are equipped with gas storage cylinders and have processes that involve chemical reactions on a daily basis as a part of research/study and hence pose a wide hazard. To ensure […]

Smoke Tubes

Our UNIPHOS Smoke Tubes are sealed glass tubes filled with a pungent gas producing chemical compound loaded on an inert support material. After cutting both ends of the tube and passing air by using a specified pump or squeezing a rubber bulb attached at one end of the tube it produces irritant smoke, coming out of the […]