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August 2016

New Long Life Gas Sensors

GasAlarm Systems, in association with MSR Electronic offer products that are manufactured and compiled with a lot of know-how and according to the individual customer requirements. Challenges in Gas Industries now has a demand for a long life sensors that lasts long and saves maintenance cost. It gives us immense pleasure to highlight our new long […]

Gas Detector Tubes keeps schools and offices healthy and safe!

Several studies have shown that many schools, nurseries, offices and homes are inadequately ventilated. Even with the natural ventilation, the quality of the air can’t be assured. Mechanical ventilation systems often don’t give results as desired.   At places with bigger crowds such as schools, kindergartens, meeting rooms, sports halls, factories, and of course offices and homes […]

Gas Detectors for Butane

Gas Alarm Systems in association with MSR Germany, proudly presents Gas Detectors for Butane, C4H10.   Butane is a colorless, highly flammable gas that has been known to be used as an inhalant to cause dissociation and hallucinations. Dangerous administration can lead to death in severe circumstances.   At GasAlarm, we have a wide range of Gas […]

Carbon Monoxide Monitor SPC

In association with MSR, Germany, GasAlarm Systems introduces tested & trusted Carbon Monoxide monitor  SPC-03-1110 – A  CO Stand alone pollution continuous monitor to meet statutory compliance of EPA, pollution control board requirements.   Steel plants, Coke Oven plants, Coal Processing plants, Blast Furnace, all need CO carbon monoxide monitor to ensure CO pollution, emission requirements for […]

Butane Gas Sensor, Transmitter, Detector Analyzer

Gas Alarm System offers Butane sensor transmitter / detector/ analyser from MSR Electronic, Germany with following features: Measuring range: 0-100% LEL (lower explosive limit), 0-100% Vol (analysis) Technology: Pellistor / catalytic bead (flammability monitoring), Infra-red Output: 4-20mA, 0-10V, RS485 modbus, Lon, BacNET Enclosure: IP44, IP54, IP65 Certificate: UL 61010, UL 2075, ATEX EExd, ATEX EExn, CE […]

Gas Data Logger

Gas Data Logger Model: ADL for all toxic, flammable and oxygen concentration monitoring and recording Features: Available for toxic gases and vapours, as well as for oxygen Measuring cycle adjustable from 2 sec. to 5 hours Data storage for: 16,000 values Integrated Battery (Rechargeable), run-time: depends on Sensor type LCD display Operating parameters: Humidity: 15-90% […]